Revision History

0.17 Fixed bug in new directory creation. Added detail information on delta files display: number of additions, deletions, and changes.
0.16 Added count of delta files in the delta file display list.
0.15 Added new feature: excluding directories. New option in configuration file: EXCLUDE_DIR.
0.14 Replaced opendir, readdir, closedir with Dirhandle. Made the output of "Search by Date" selectable and comparable to its corresponding base file.
0.13 In the project tree display, directoriy names are tagged with folder icon. Please read the new installation instruction.
0.12 Bug in handling file/directory names containing special characters was fixed. Thanks to Jason Klapste for reporting the bug to me.
0.11.1 Included screen shots in the documentation
0.11 Added a new menu Project::Option
0.10 The install option (-i) will correctly work for installing multiple projects. Added the implementation of uninstallation (-u option).
0.9.1Added more verbose output for debugging purpose.
0.9Distinguished absolute and relative path names when deleting delta files in DeleteSnap.
0.8Improvement of search-by-date feature: year only, year and month, or a complete year-month-day. Implementation of base file reassignment.
0.7Search delta files by date
0.6Delete selection of delta files
0.5Bugfix: deletion of temporary files in DisplayDiff
0.4Display differences between two delta files
0.3First public releases.
  • Take periodic snapshots of source code via cron job
  • Display differences between a base and its delta file in 2-column format. Modifications are shown in color, customizable by user preference.
0.1, 0.2Internal "releases"