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What is SnapSource?
If you are intensively involved in software development projects, SnapSource might be a utility that you are looking for. It is a utility written in Perl that periodically takes snap shots of your project source codes and stores them in compressed format. This utility allows you to browse through changes you made to the source code and compare the differences side by side.

Sounds like another CVS? No, SnapSource is not another CVS. I am a happy user of CVS and do not want to create another clone of CVS. SnapSource is designed to complement your use of CVS.

More detailed description of SnapSource can be found in the documentation files available in PDF (312K), compressed PostScript (530K), or HTML.

SnapSource Users
If you would like to be registered as a SnapSource user, please subscribe to the SnapSource mailing lists at SourceForge.

SnapSource home page can also be reached from the following site:
  • FreshMeat, where software projects are always Frequently REleaSed Here
Obtaining SnapSource
  • The latest version of SnapSource is currently available from SourceForge
  • Development version can be obtained from the SourceForge CVS repository
    cvs login

    cvs co SnapSource

Installing SnapSource
  1. Put snapsource and snapview in one of the directories on your PATH. Put folder.xpm in the same directory as that of snapview.
  2. Make sure Perl/Tk runs on your system, if not you probably have to set PERL5LIB to the path where Perl/Tk is installed.
  3. Create directory .snapsource under your home directory.
  4. Create your SnapSource configuration into the .snapsource directory. An example of SnapSource configuration file is included in the TAR ball.

SnapSource Co-Developers
If you are interested to be a co-developer of SnapSource, please contact me, there are a number of things you can help to improve SnapSource:
  • Send me of a feedback about SnapSource. I will accept anything (your happiness, dissatisfaction, suggestions for feature enhancements, new features request, bug reports, ...) but flames.
  • Tell your friends, colleagues, students, teachers, .... how you benefit from SnapSource
  • If you use SnapSource for developing commercial softwares, please give it a credit by refering to SnapSource in your user manuals, user guides, of any other forms of documentation of your softwares.
  • If you are too impatient, here are a list of things you can do that will benefit other SnapSource users:
    1. Write a better documentation
    2. Modularize the Perl code
    3. Send me your improved version of SnapSource